View Full Version : Using CR3114 with CR0451

12-30-2018, 05:21 AM

I am using a CR3114 GPS/GSM module with a cr0451 and since there is only a installation instructions and a byte command protocol API description document available, I am using the example program to work back to a stripped version of the software which does the things I need.

My questions:
- Am I right that there is no document for discribing the supplied libraries?
- The visualisation on the cr0451 shows many variables so this is a good starting point to work back from but they seem to be grouped and can not be inspected. According to the programming manual there should be an option 'group' and 'ungroup' in the 'Extra' menu but there is none in my 'Extra' menu. Are there other things than 'group' who does things like this and am I looking in the wrong direction? Is it a group and can this option be disabled and enabled in codesys?

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Erik Gerrits
01-02-2019, 10:08 AM

You are correct, there isn't currently any manuals for the CR3114 libraries. This is being worked on.

You can not Group items on the CR0451 it is not supported.