View Full Version : Loading firmware and program file with a Batch File

Erik Gerrits
08-29-2011, 12:42 PM
The first step is that you will need to load the project into the Controller with Codesys. Once that is done open Download, click UPLOAD and save that H86 file, this is your project file.

Attached is copy of a batch file that I made for the CR0303. You can find more information on the commands in the manual ifm_ProjMan_Downloader32.

One thing to note, you can not have spaces in the directories so you will have may have to create a folder such as C:\DOWNLOAD to but the files in that you will need.

Also no spaces in the names, underscores are fine. In the attached file I am using the ifm_CR0303_V050001 firmware and the project file is named PROJECT_FILE.