View Full Version : CR1051 Firmware Update 4.46

09-08-2010, 09:35 AM
Here is the latest firmware for the CR1051:

This applies to devices with the hardware version "AG" or higher (RAM-MOUNT fixing on the back) and software version 4.31 or higher:

Risk of data loss!

In case of power failure during the update data can be lost so that the device is no longer functionable. Repair is only possible by ifm electronic.

Ensure an uninterrupted power supply during the update!

<LI class=aktion>Press the keys [F1]+[F3] on the PDM and keep them pressed. <LI class=aktion>Switch on the PDM.
Release the keys after approx. 3 s.

<LI class=reaktion>The PDM starts (approx. 10..15 s). <LI class=reaktion>The PDM monitor shows the update process line by line (approx. 5 min.). <LI class=reaktion>The message "PDM360: CR10xx x.x.x Update Process done" appears.
x.x.x is the updated version of the operating system.
® The update process is finished.
After the update all factory settings are active again:
- All setup data neutralised
- Application deleted

Reboot the PDM (power off/on).

<LI class=reaktion>The ifm start screen appears.
The current version of the operating system is indicated in the left corner at the bottom.
After booting, the PDM setup program starts (mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program%20Files\ifm%20electronic \CoDeSys%20V2.3\Help\English\target.chm::/3615.htm#o2756).
The new version number is also indicated in the status line of the setup menu.