I've got three analog pressure transmitters, one rotary encoder, and four simple on/off switches connected to a CR0401 that I would like to log the data from.

I'd like to gather the timestamp and value for the pressure transmitters and rotary encoder as well as whether the switches are in the on or off position.

My thought on the switches is configure the inputs for voltage and read whether I am getting 0V or 12V to the input to indicate ON/OFF.

What is the recommended method for logging this data to a flash drive?

We have a data logger that I have built with a raspi and CAN module that I have used successfully on other projects, but the motors and sensors on that unit are strictly CAN based, so I can tee into the CAN network and peel off data that I want to log.

My thought with this current situation is to utilize a CR0451 and transmit the values I want to log to the display - I think I could then tee into the display and utilize the same raspi datalogger with the CAN module and grab those values and write to a file.

Would this work, or is there an easier solution that requires less hardware?