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Thread: Downloading problem with CR1201

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    Default Downloading problem with CR1201


    I am trying to download for the first time in V3.5. It gets most of the way done, and then errors out telling me "device version seems to be different from the project version". The firmware I loaded was from the download package given to us, The Target I am setting in Codesys is V3.2.0.2. Since I assume these are not backwards compatible, is there another firmware version I can get to match the target settings?

    Also when I boot up the display and click "Load Application", the screen goes blank briefly followed by the setup menu appearing again but it is frozen. Any ideas on this?



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    Not sure why you have a miss match on the versions. You should have the firmware and target V3.2.0.1. I will email you the package.

    Yes this is normal, you will probably see a small square in the middle of the screen. Its not frozen, its just waiting for you to load an application. On the V23 firmware it would be a white screen.

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