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Thread: Color Variables in 3.5

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    Default Color Variables in 3.5

    I was having troubles converting code from V2.3 to V3.5, in relation to to visualizations and colors. In 2.3 the DWORD variable to set color was required to be 16#RR GG BB (6 hexadecimal digits). In V3.5 they added a transparent feature. I have found the following:
    1. You must add 2 digits to your variable assignment in front of the RRGGBB values. So in V3.5 your value should look as follows, 16#TTRRGGBB (8 hex digits).

    2. For the transparency digits, 00 is fully transparent and FF is fully colored.

    3. Some of my colors that were converted from 2.3 had to have the values inverted to match the color they represented in v2.3. This leads me to believe V2.3 format was 16#BBGGRR.
    Edit: invert the order of the numbers by pairs, based off the color they affect, not a literal reverse order. If your value in 2.3 16#408000(Forest_Green), your 3.5 value will be 16#FF008040
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    Thanks for the tip!

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    Getting on a few years now but still a really helpful post. I've spent hours and this fixed it instantly. Cheers!

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