I have an issue on the topic of heartbeat,
in the cr2532
I make the interface initialization process using three functions canopen_enable, can_setdownloadid , can_enable
I start the EX side as producer and the sta side is the consumer
Also I use the ifm_NetVarLib_NT_V020004.lib library function ?CANOPEN_GETGUARDHBERRLIST? in order to monitor heartbeat error
While working, I noticed three scenario:
1. when we power on the system, and the communication cable between ST side to EX is not connected.
"CANOPEN_GETGUARDHBERRLIST" function does not detect the heartbeat problem.
2. when I power on the system and the Cable between sides ST and EX is connected ,
and only after the system has finished boot , we unplugged the cable the function detects the heartbeat problem.
3. After scenario 2 when the cable still disconnected I performed boot process to the CAN interface, after that the function "CANOPEN_GETGUARDHBERRLIST" not detected that the cable is disconnected

Does the function "CANOPEN_GETGUARDHBERRLIST" need to detect heartbeat once in order to work properly?
In addition, after the interface initialization, the function "CANOPEN_GETGUARDHBERRLIST" also should identify a normal heartbeat in order to work correctly?

thank you in advance