First step is to activate the camera element:

1) Go to Project>Project Settings
2) Select Visualization Profile from the list on the left of the menu box
3) Click the check box Next to the camera element ( at the time of this post)

The camera functionality is now active.
The camera elements are now available in your toolbox under Special Controls

I recommend putting the camera element on your man visualization (change your screens using frames). The camera can be place out of the normal viewing area and moved into view using the Absolute Movement properties for the camera element.

When the camera is out of view, you can set the Display Image property to False.

The Input Channel property determines which camera input to look at (0 or 1).

NOTE: ONLY 1 ANALOG CAMERA CAN BE VIEWED AT A TIME. For simultaneous viewing of multiple cameras a multiplex box must be used. ifm offers a multiplex module, part No: E2M250.

Scaling Mode should be set to false as scaling the image will tax the processor and cause delayed activity.

The analog camera element on the screen (the camera box you create) must be sized to the ratio of 640x480. Ex 520x390 is the same ratio. Otherwise the image will not display properly.