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Thread: CURRENT_CONTROL AND PWM1000 running fine at 1000Hz on CR0403

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    Default CURRENT_CONTROL AND PWM1000 running fine at 1000Hz on CR0403


    I did setup a test situation with a 20W 26Vdc solenoid and checked the output on a scope. I found that the current_control and pwm1000 are working just fine up to 1000Hz. Frequencies above 1000Hz are set back to 1000Hz but the manuals show that these function blocks are specified from 20Hz to 250Hz. I also found that frequencies below 75 Hz will not produce a stabile output, but some kind of longer duty followed by a few shorter duties. This pattern seems to be repeating but a led connected to the coil shows an unstabile signal.

    Does anybody know more about this, is the manual wrong and should it say 75Hz ... 1000Hz? I hope so because there are many applications using 500Hz!


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    Hi Bert,

    Yes you can run higher than 250 hz, but if you look at the wave shape it is not symetrical.

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