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Thread: CR108x Network variable sample

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    Default CR108x Network variable sample

    Attached is a sample project that uses network varibales. This is on a CR1081 configured as a slave node. If you need to change teh target to a CR1080 you will need to go into the resources tab, change the target settings to the CR1080. You will then need to go to the PLC Configuration, select Extras and select Default Configuration. This will change teh target setting to a CR1080. You will still need to add a CAN Master or Slave under the PLC Configuration so we have a CAN Controller selected or you will get a compile error.

    After downloading and running you should see 2 CAN messages sent:
    702h: This is the heartbeat generation
    0FAh (250d): This is the network variable. A signle word (2 bytes) initially set to 16#FFFF

    You can test the receive by sending two bytes to ID 12Ch (300d).

    Read the program comments in PLC_PRG that explain the initialization of the network vars.
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