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    Default Splash Screen

    Due to the bootup requirments of the display there are limitations on the splash screen. The splash screen must be RLE encoded and no larger than 256kb.

    You can use the freeware Gimp to properly format your image.

    Size the image to 800x480 (Image>Scale Image). Then make sure the canvas size is 800x480 (Image>Canvas Size). You then need to reduce the color pallette (around 200 should work). GO to Image>Mode>Indexed.A pop up window will appear, select 'Generate Maximum Colors' and set to 200.

    Then click File>Save As

    Enter a file name (.bmp) and hit Save. A pop up will appear that will allow you to check 'Run-Length Encoded'.

    This should properly format your splash screen.

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    Latest version of GIMP seems to have an issue with converting RLE correctly - here a link to an older functioning GIMP version 2.6.12:

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    Default Splash Screen Bitmap Size for 12" Display

    I just noticed that for the CR1200 and CR1201 screens the bitmaps can be 512K / RLE encoded images.

    The image resolution is 1024 x 768.

    For the CR108x series it was 256K.
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