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Thread: Recovery from watchdog

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    Default Recovery from watchdog

    I was doing some programming/testing with the 1080 display and loaded a program that caused the watchdog to engage (I had automatically load bootproject checked). The only way i was able to recover was to time my program load so that it would try to download right after the splash screen went off, but before the watchdog would engage. Would it be possible to have some sort of way to remove the current program, either with the maintenance tool, or through the built in PLC menu (that comes up with 3 buttons pressed).

    Edit: I guess I could have upgraded the firmware to remove the program, but it would still be nice to have some maintenance functionality with the NG displays.
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    I believe this functionality will be built into the Maintenance Tool in the future.

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    If you are able to ftp into it you could remove the DEFAULT.PRG file from the home directory. You should be able to do this from the config screen.

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    To connect with your computer, you will have to use a secure ftp connection - Windows Explorer will probably not work. WINSCP works.

    To delete the application on the CR1081 running on Codesys V2.3:

    1. Keep two buttons on the display pressed - the power up display until you see the setup menu
    2. Use a program like WinSCP:
    3. Connect to the display via the SFTP program
      - IP address
      - Port 22
      - User name: root
      - Password: pdm360ng
    4. Go to location /home/project and delete DEFAULT.PRG
    5. Cycle power to the device - it should come up with the SETUP screen. Select Application, now you should be able to reload an application using Codesys

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