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Thread: Cr0020 Pwr Wiring Questions

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    Default Cr0020 Pwr Wiring Questions

    I recently ran across a couple wiring situations related to the supply power wiring on Cr0020’s that has me a little perplexed.

    We have pins 23 (VBBs), 05 (VBBo), & 34 (VBBr) all individually fused. With power on the system, if I disconnect pin 23, the controller will continue to run until power is removed from pin 05. If pin 05 is never connected, then removing power from pin 23 will shut the controller down. But when pin 5 is connected, the controller will not shut down unless power is removed from both it & pin 23. Pin 34 doesn’t seem to have any effect on the controller’s state. I’ve witness this on multiple controllers.

    A customer didn’t have 0V connected to any of the Cr0020’s ground pins (01, 12, 15, or 33) yet it was powering up. How is that possible?

    Any insight or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    #1 This is the normal operation of the CR0020.

    #2 Is it possible that you have low side outputs or inputs somewhere on the system that was possibly giving the controller a ground? The unit should not be able to work if all of the grounds are removed.

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