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Thread: CR0232 and Magnetic Pickup

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    Default CR0232 and Magnetic Pickup

    Good day folks, just wondering can the high speed inputs on the CR0232 be used to monitor frequency from a magnetic pickup which produces a very low AC voltage output? Typically in around 100mVolts AC RMS.

    I normally use a proximity switch on a gear ring to produce a DC pulse to be read by the PLC. But I have had 2 customers ask me if they can use mag pickups without a pre-amplifier.

    If not its not a big problem, but it would make it nice as most rpm speed control applications here use mag pickups versus proximity switches.


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    I wouldn't think that would be enough voltage for the controller to pick up the frequency. The CR0232 has the following specs:

    Switch-on level > 0.35...0.48 UB
    Switch-off level < 0.29 UB

    UB is Supply Voltage.

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