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Thread: Using CR1081 with CanRemote GPS

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    Default Using CR1081 with CanRemote GPS

    Just wondering about an application, I am thinking about this, I dont have an actual application just wondering if it would be possible.

    Would it be possible to use the GPS data recieved from a CanRemote to map coordinates on a CR1081 in a Visualization? Perhaps if you were to load maps of an area in Bitmap format, using the Lat and Long data from the CanRemote to specify the proper map to use, and then plot the position of the vehicle on the map in the background.

    I had a customer ask if it would be possible to do something similar and I have been thinking about it ever since.

    I know its easy enough to save the GPS data at intervals and export it via USB. But would it be possible to map vehicle position on the screen without having to manual plot a thousand different points.

    Has anyone done anything similar????


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    I do not know of anyone doing this. The main issue would be the maps themselves. You could pull the GPS data off of the CAN bus for the location, but putting the map on the screen would be the fun part. If it was a small area (location wise) that didn't change you could do this.

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    Erik, thanks for the reply. We can import BMP files easily enough, I do that on most of my systems that I design with IFM screens. So I dont see why we couldnt have different pages set up with different areas of the main map. As the gps data changes this would trigger the page to change to the appropriate map. I will have to investigate this because here in the oilfield all of the truck and equipment operators now want data logging systems, so we are installing CR1080/81 screens in the cab to show process values and provide a USB connection to download data. If I could offer a mapping function as well they would be tickled pink. These truck operators like fancy bells and whistles on thier trucks. And they usually have all kinds of money to pay for it as well.

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