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Thread: Decel Ramp based on position

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    Default Decel Ramp based on position

    This function will ramp an output value based on position. This can be used to 'cushion' the travel of hydraulic devices at end of travel.

    POS = Actual axis position
    CMD_SPEED = Current Speed Request (Ex: Joystick position, the function will output the MIN value of the CMD_SPEED and function output)
    RAMP_START = Position value to start the decel
    RAMP_END = Position value to end the decel
    MAX_SPEED = Starting decel value
    Min_SPEED = Ending decel value

    nOutput := DECEL_TO_POINT(
    POS := nActualPosition,
    CMD_SPEED := nRequestedSpeed
    RAMP_START := nUpRampStart,
    RAMP_END := nUpRampStop,
    MAX_SPEED := nUpMaxspeed,
    MIN_SPEED := nUpMinSpeed);
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