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Thread: CR0032 in a perpetual reset cycle

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    Default CR0032 in a perpetual reset cycle

    I have a CR0032 controller in what appears to be a perpetual reset cycle. After uploading code via the serial lines, I made a boot project and restarted the controller. Now it seems to continuously reset itself; the light will flash green, and about a second later the light flashes either orange or yellow.

    When I try to log into the controller via the serial lines, I get a timeout error. I also cannot communicate via the DOWNLOAD tool using the same COM port settigns that worked before uploading the new code. On the CAN bus I get the following messages from the controller (Node 1) spaced every half-second, which looks to correspond to the green light/yellow light flashing:

    (COB-ID 81) 00 33 05
    (COB-ID 81) 08 33 05

    I couldn't find anything in the system manual that talked about a way to apply a hard reset to clear the program from the controller.

    I'm looking for suggestions on recovering the controller so I can troubleshoot the code.


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    Did you try to reset it to the Bootloader with the Download Tool?

    It sounds like you put the controller into an infinite loop.

    Open the Download tool.
    Interface RS232, Baudrate 115200.
    Protocol Codesys V2.3 Tricore.
    Special, Commands, Boot Commands, Goto Bootloader with Factory Settings.
    Now power cycle the PLC.
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    Thanks Erik, that broke the loop. I can communicate with the controller again, and the flawed program has been erased. The controller now boots up to the 5 Hz flashing green light.

    Note to self: don't create a boot project out of untested code.

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