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Thread: J1939_RX for NT Lib

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    Default J1939_RX for NT Lib

    This affects the Basic series products and the NG displays (any product using the J1939_NT library).

    In the J1939_NT library the J1939_RX function block only receives on message per scan. This can cause problems for PGN's that can originate from more than one device. Even though the data transmitted may be set as ignore (all bits on for the SPN) you receive block may miss messages if two are received in the same program scan. Only the first message will be received, any others received on that PGN will be discarded (unless you have more receive messages set up for the same PGN).

    To prevent missed messages, use the J1939_RX_FIFO block. Now messages will not be discarded if received on the same scan. Each scan will process the next message that was received.

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    Default J1939_RX for NT Lib


    It looks like the java extensions __lib__ folder is not monitored for changes - can I configure this behavior?

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    By the way: What exactly does the NT in the Lib description stand for?

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