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Thread: Digital output diagnostics

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    Default Digital output diagnostics

    We'd like to use the built in diagnostics on our 32 bit controllers to check for failed solenoids on an ongoing basis. The coils are connected directly to the digital outputs through a long wire run. I've noticed in our application that ERROR_BREAK_Q0 is often set even though the solenoid is still properly connected. To complicate the issue, the error latches and must be reset manually.

    I couldn't find a description of the actual method used to detect a wire break. Is this available? Is there any difference between the 16 and 32 bit controllers in regard to this issue?


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    On the 32 bit controller I find the best way to detect short or break on the outputs is to make my own code. Since all of the outputs have current feedback on them you can just compare what the actual current is to the desired current.

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