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Thread: CR1082 Touch Screen Project

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    Default CR1082 Touch Screen Project

    Just completed my second application using the new CR1082 Touch Screen PDM Module. Very nice unit to work with, applying the touch screen functionality is very easy. Very good to not be limited by the 9 buttons on each screen as a lot of my applications are complex with large numbers of operator inputs required to control the system.

    All in all, I will pretty much be using the CR1082 exclusively for all of my future projects.

    Thanks, IFM for a great product.


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    Sounds nice. Are you able to post any pictures of the finished product / layout? Do you plan on using a protective cover / overlay on it while in service?

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    Yes, I am very happy with it so far, no need really for a protective cover, the screen is glass, and I have yet to see them get scratched in more than 2 years of using the non touchscreen CR1080 and CR1081.
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    Default Pics of CR1082 Applications

    Here are a couple of photos of applications using the CR1082.
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    Another Pic
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    Very nice. Thanks. Did you convert a dxf/dwg of the truck to a bitmap for your background? Are you doing all of your graphic HMI layout within CodeSys or do you use a separate design program to prepare, size, and pallette the layouts, then bring them into CodeSys? Looks great, thanks for sharing.

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    Thank Silas, I created the truck graphic in another drawing program I use, I find it easier than trying to do it in Codesys 2.3. If its just simple buttons and indicators I will do it in Codesys, but if its more complex graphics or overlays I will use a graphics program.

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