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Thread: help selecting joystick or throttle lever?

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    Default help selecting joystick or throttle lever?


    We have an application where we've been using a rotary pot dial to pass a signal to our CR0401's, then scale it, and pass an output to a PWM hydraulic valve. All has worked well so far. Now I have a customer that really wants to replace all of his dial pot's with a lever. In searching for a solution I've found two types of possibilities: using a potentiometer based throttle control lever, or a joystick. This customer's need is solely for a single axis motion from idle at one end to wide open "throttle" at the other, with friction lock or detent along the way.

    I'm open to either option, I assume if I go with a joystick, CANopen rather than J1939 would be the way to go here. I've got some quotes coming in but have not ordered anything yet. If you get a minute to look at a couple of the items I'm considering, I'd be grateful. What type of things do I most need to keep in mind when planning on pairing a joystick or lever with the CR0401? Any advice is appreciated, thanks for your time.

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    The big thing to remember is that you don't have a 5 VDC supply on the CR0401. A CAN unit would be nice, but for a single axis you will probably be better with a hard wired solution.

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    Erik, thanks. In that case it looks like I'll be leaning toward the MS2 lever. I was hoping I could get the height and stroke of the EH-3000 but it's 5 VDC.

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