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Thread: Using USB Port to Write_CSV_8BYTE

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    Default Using USB Port to Write_CSV_8BYTE

    Hello everyone, would it be possible to use the 32 bit controller with the virtual USB port and write CSV information to an external USB with the WRITE_CSV_8BYTE and USB_STORAGE_HANDLER functions. I use it regularly with the USB port on the CR108X units, but would be nice to use the CR0451 and CR0452 units and still have the ability to send out CSV data.

    Please let me know.


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    This isn't possible. The function blocks that are used on the CR108x are done with the Linux operating system. The USB on the CRxx32 is for programming only.

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    Okay thanks EriK. Wish you could do something similar, some customers dont want to use the more expensive display but still want to log data to a USB.

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