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Thread: Sending UDP over Ethernet, CR108s2

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    Default Sending UDP over Ethernet, CR108s2

    Hello, I am working on a data logger application, I would like to use the CR1082. Would it be possible to send out a string statement via UDP on the ethernet port, then following a pause a numerical data message? I generally understand how the UDP Global Variable is set up, and the protocol and port is set up. But what about the message contents?

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    Okay, it looks like David has done this sort of thing before and has a helpful post from a few years back. I will be trying that out.

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    Okay now does anyone on the forum have a working example of sending UDP data via Ethernet to a computer??????

    I tried working through it and would like start with an application.


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    Not to a PC, UDP using network variables between two displays. You will need to receive and decode the packets manually on a PC

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