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Thread: get_identity (cr7506)

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    Default get_identity (cr7506)

    The cr0401 and cr0451 have the get_app_info from which you can get the app filename and the build date and this is very handy. The cr7506 doesn't have this but it does have the set_identity and the get_identity function blocks in which you have to enter the information manually before you 'build'. Is it possible to have this done automatically, can codesys fill the ID of the set_identity automatically during the build operation, perhaps a preprocessor command like in C?

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    No this is not built into the 16 bit processors. The latest firmware for the 32 bit processors has this functionality. You will see the GET_IDENTITY has more outputs on it.

    DEVICENAME : STRING[31]; (* Hardware name and hardware version of the device *)
    SERIALNUMBER : STRING[31]; (* Serial number of the device *)
    FIRMWARE : STRING[31]; (* Name of the runtime system *)
    RELEASE : STRING[31]; (* Version and release of the runtime system *)
    APPLICATION : STRING[79]; (* Name of the application *)

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