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Thread: Cr108x CLAMP 15 wiring

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    Default Cr108x CLAMP 15 wiring

    All the IFM literature we've found labels pin 1, connector 1 as CLAMP 30 (permanent battery) & pin 5, connector 1 as CLAMP 15 (switched voltage). Our assumption was that you could leave pin 1, connector 1 permanently wired to the battery & control switching the display ON/OFF via pin 5, connector 1. That doesn't appear to work. Pin 5, connector 1 needs to have voltage for the display to power ON, but removing it isn't powering it OFF.

    Are we missing something? This isn't a big deal since we usually just switch both pins together. But we decided to experiment with the "recommended" wiring per the installation manual. Thanks.

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    You have to program the display to shutoff with the clamp pin.


    This will shutdown the display when the power is removed from pin 5

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