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Thread: Distributed I/O options, Opto22 Snap IO?

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    Default Distributed I/O options, Opto22 Snap IO?

    Does anyone know if the Snap IO line of products from Opto22 can work with codesys / IFM PLC's. They have a selection of I/O modules that offload much of the signal procession out of the PLC scan cycle and are done internal to the module. We've used strain gauge based load cells for years but integrating load cell signals for PLC process automation has been a hurdle. If we could use a third party IO block that handled the Analog to Digital conversion and the signal filtering and just pass a digital value from the Snap IO module to the PLC we could really open up how we control our trucks. The Opto22 site says their Snap IO products work with Allen Bradley PLC's. Has anyone here had any experience with these? Thanks.

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    Looks like it uses Ethernet IO, the ifm PLCs do not support this.

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