I've made a few applications using the CR0451 and never had an issue with displaying bitmap graphics. But the latest project I am building has a particular image with multiple variations, so I tried to use the Bitmap Variable to switch the graphic dynamically.

I used the following code in 'ST'


0: P_IMAGE:='P0RLE.bmp';
1: P_IMAGE:='P1RLE.bmp';
2: P_IMAGE:='P2RLE.bmp';
3: P_IMAGE:='P3RLE.bmp';


This works perfectly when simulated in codesys, but when loaded in the CR0451, the bitmaps don't display. The full path of the images are in a sub folder called resources, but according to the help file you don't need to declare the preceding folder(s) as long as the full path is declared in the bitmap list (in the extra menu - which I've done).

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm really hoping to use the variable bitmaps as it would make this project and future ones much easier!

Thanks in advance!