ifm provides for all targets (for example CR0403, CR1081...) Help files to have access to the complete manual from within Codesys.
Codesys picks the Help file based on the selected target. Below an example for the CR0403 FW version V03:

To update the Help files for newer controllers or displays:
  1. Download the latest Help file package - link below

    or download from our mobile download section
  2. Unzip the files and copy the correct language (UK for English) into the following folder (this is for 64 bit operating system):

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ifm electronic\CoDeSys V2.3\Targets\ifm\Help\English

Fun facts:
  • The file name has to match the name of the target including "CAA-" in front
    and all spaces replaced by _. See below file name vs target name

  • As the Firmware version is part of the target name, any new firmware will require
    a new help file, even if the changes were minor. You can copy an existing help file
    and rename it with the new FW version (again make sure to match the file name and target name).

  • If you open multiple instances of Codesys, only one ifm help file is accessible - typically from the last instance opened.

  • You are looking for help files, that are even older than this? It might be time to update your
    Codesys application on your computer. The latest package of Codesys (download from our Mobile download section)
    includes all help files.