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Thread: CR0401 Speed Sensor Issue

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    Default CR0401 Speed Sensor Issue

    I am having an issue with the CR0401 controller and speed sensor on input 0. The sensor posing the problem is a quadrature 600PPR installed in an Eaton H series hydraulic motor. The M12 connector is configured with Pin 1 (V+), Pin 3 (Ground), and Pin 4 (Signal).

    I am able to visually see that that motor is pulsing by the LED indicator on the cable, however I am not able to capture the data on the controller. I have tried multiple motors with the same sensor and same results.

    I can connect a NorthStar shaftless encoder to the same M12 cable, and immediately capture the pulse count and present the information on the CR0451 display.

    The input is configured as FASTCOUNT. See below:

     PROGRAM Main
      (*SpinnerFeedback:  INPUT;*)
     ChuteFeedback: INPUT;
     SpinnerCountTON: TON;
     SpinnerFeedback: FASTCOUNT;
      iCounterStart:INT := 0;
     xResetCounter:BOOL := FALSE;
      CFDebounce: TON;
     *Handle spinner input *)
     (*1 second timer for Spinner RPM calculation*)
     SpinnerCountTON(IN:= NOT(SpinnerCountTON.Q), PT:= t#1s, Q=> , ET=> );
      ENABLE:= TRUE,
      CHANNEL:= 0,
      MODE:= 21,
      PRESET_VALUE:= iCounterStart,
      PRESET:= xResetCounter,
      VALUE=> ,
      RESULT=> );
     IF(SpinnerFeedback.RESULT = 1 AND SpinnerCountTON.Q) THEN
      dwSpinnerRPM := SpinnerFeedback.VALUE;
      xResetCounter := TRUE;
      xResetCounter := FALSE;
    Is the input configured incorrectly for this Eaton sensor, or any suggestions on how to make this work? I am simply trying to display the RPM of the motor.

    I am new to all of this and working through an application developed by another individual so please excuse my ignorance. With that said, any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: On a whim (and against what the sensor datasheet specified, I added a pull-up resistor between V+ and Signal and all is working). Can this be accomplished within the controller or is it more reliable to do at the harness level?
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    Thanks for the edit. The high speed inputs are looking for a high signal only. Your resistor fix is the only thing to do.

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