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Thread: CR0232 CANOpen4Master Library

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    Default CR0232 CANOpen4Master Library

    Hi if I use the template for CR0232 CANOpen Master it will compile, however if I declare the CANOpen1Master Library and load the CANOpen4Master library and change the affected variables in the program and then attempt to build after cleanall the template will not compile I get 100+ errors any ideas. At this stage I haven't added any other code to the template. All of the errors say
    One of the constant indexes is not within the array range.

    If I then set the library back to CANOpen1Master it will compile, any ideas?

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    Don't forget to Append Subelement in you PLC Configuration. Right click on CR0232 Configuration, Append Subelement.

    You will need to have 4 CANopen devices listed in your configuration.

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