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Thread: CAN-based potentiometer or encoder?

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    Default CAN-based potentiometer or encoder?

    I'd like to provide a speed control "knob" option for our control system. I know that for a pile of cash I could buy a precision encoder, but that's overkill($$). And I know I could use a potentiometer and an analog input, but I don't always have a spare analog input available, and I'd prefer a single-connector solution.

    Does anyone know of a low-resolution CAN-based rotary knob that might work for my application?

    Ted Barham

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    I haven't seen anything out there. All of the CAN based units are the precision encoder.

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    Default Grayhill

    Have you looked at Grayhill? The offer many of these types of products. Usually in a customized form, but I know that they are probably the top supplier for these types of products.

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