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Thread: POSITAL / fraba CANOpen Encoder MCD Series

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    Default POSITAL / fraba CANOpen Encoder MCD Series

    Out of the box, the POSITAL encoder is configured for 20k Baud rate, NODE 32. Problem is that the ifm controllers only support down to 50k baud rate.

    First step is to set the baud rate with a third party tool capable of going to 20k (pCAN Explorer is what I used).

    You must send the following message to the encoder (assuming it is default node ID 32 (20h)):

    COB ID: 620h (600h + Node ID)
    Length: 5
    Data: 2Fh 01h 30h 00h 03h (The last value is a code for baud rate, 3=125, full list below)

    This is the equivilent to and SDO_WRITE with the following:
    Index: 3001h
    SubIdx: 0h
    Data: Byte (value = baudrate)

    You can verify the encoder received the data by doing an SDO READ to the above Index/Subindex and look for your return value in byte 4 to match what you entered or send the message:

    COB ID: 620h (600h + Node ID)
    Length: 4
    Data: 40h 01h 30h 00h

    Look for reply message ID 5A0h (580h + Node ID)
    The data should respond with:
    4fh 01h 30h 00h 03h (if set to 125, the last byte is the baud setting).

    If this matches your request, you must then save the data. Transmit the following Message

    COB ID: 620h (600h + Node ID)
    Length: 8
    Data: 23h 10h 10h 01h 73h 61h 76h 65h (This sends the value 'save' to subindex 1 of object 1010 in the object dictionary to save the new settings in non volatile ram).

    This is the equivilent to and SDO_WRITE with the following:
    Index: 1010h
    SubIdx: 1h
    Data: Byte ARRAY [0..3] (Value= 73h 61h 76h 65h)

    After power a power cycle your encoder should operate at the new baudrate.

    Most other necessary settings can be altered through the 'Service Data Objects' tab for configuring a slave device in Codesys for an ifm controller.

    Attached is a sample for a CR2500 that allows you to change the node ID and save the settings as well as how to reset the encoder value to 0. A visualization is included as a simple interface.

    Also attached is the necessary EDS file for the MCD CANOpen encoder.

    See the link for the POSITRAL documentation:

    Baud Rate Codes (also in Positral Documentation)
    • 20k = 00h
    • 50k = 01h
    • 100k = 02h
    • 125k = 03h
    • 250k = 04h
    • 500k = 05h
    • 800k = 06h
    • 1000k = 07h
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